Monday, June 19, 2006

We're both on my vacation. Mine's just better.

The soles of my feet are cracked, dry, and covered with a thick coat of dirt. Every morning I've been woken up much too early, sticky with sweat and my hair in a tangled mass. I need to do laundry and take a long shower. I can't remember the last time I've eaten a home-cooked meal, and each morning is started with a empty search for a satisfying and nutritious breakfast.

And I haven't even left Andrew's apartment in Burnaby yet.

All kidding aside, (despite the fact that all of the above is true) visiting with my currently and unfortunatly unemployed brother in Vancouver has been thoroughly enjoyable. (This is the most time I've spent with him consecutively since we shared an apartment in Edmonton and it's due time, to say the least. Not to mention much appreciated time.)

I've come down with a nasty cold, which I initially thought was a violent reaction to the state of cleanliness at Andrew's place, but it turns out that the only side effects of staying here are really dirty feet, a propensity to quote South Park and the insatiable desire to kill pixelated enemy forces* while singing along with techno-goth music.

I've been slowed down a bit and haven't been able to deliver the usual amount of affectionate sibling critique,** but we've still managed to check out Bard on the Beach, fellow Cold Laker Sean Dyer's band Flood of Fire and watched the Oilers win Game 6. (Yes, that's right, Andrew is watching hockey!)

Today we got up early to catch the ferry, and headed out to the island to spend the day in Nanaimo with our Auntie Gussie and cousin Bob.

It was the first nice, sunny day we've had since I've been out here.

Andrew's skin went into allergic shock from the sunshine. Meanwhile, I basked in the relief from the West coast clouds and rain. It reminded me of why I potentially want to move out here someday.

"You're just secretly looking for a new place to live, aren't you?" Andrew accused me, when I started discussing my forthcoming trip and my willingness to eventually live just about anywhere.

"Actually, I'm just building an international alliance of friends to leech off when I travel," I told him. But the truth is, maybe Andrew's right. I guess I'm kind of looking for a place to throw my bag down someday.
*Or, to quote Andrew and Scott, or Conan: "To crush your enemies and drive them before you and hear the lamentations of women!" See what I have to live with here?

**Which is why I'm trying to fit it all into this blog post. I'm just joking though. My brother's an awesome, multi-faceted individual. And even if he does consider walking three blocks "a hike," I still love him.


  1. im attempting to do the same thing with my travels. that way no matter where you end up you will have friend and a place to stay. its genius really.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    thank you for starting a new blog. I mean it. Thank you. Reading this has made me laugh about 30 times and you probably aren't going to get any less funny, so I hope to read more of your vacation.
    Um, by the way, I'm Maja from Germany. You met me 5 years ago in good old Cold Lake. I do hope you remember me. :)
    I wish you a very very very enjoyable trip!

  3. Maja! Of course I remember you! (Why would I possibly ever forget?) Thanks so much for saying that this made you laugh. . .my brother didn't seem to find it quite as funny. (JK). I'll definitely keep trying to update as much as possible.

    Ryan, I'm actually just using you in case you move to a location slightly more exotic than Edmonton. I know you don't mind, though.

  4. nope i sure don't. in fact, when i do finally settle down in anywhere but edmonton, you are more than welcome to visit. i will keep you posted as to where i end up. most likely new zealand or australia.


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