Monday, August 21, 2006

Home Time

I return to Toronto on Monday, August 28th at 7:00 p.m.

Anyone want to pick me up from the airport?

(If I take the shuttle bus back, which is probably what's going to happen, I should be back and reinstated in China by 9:00 pm. See you then.)


  1. umm, i call shotgun on the limo service?? does that work??

  2. It works if you actually show up on time. . .
    Just teasing. . .

    That would actually be fantastic and greatly appreciated. ;) (Especially since I never actually expected anyone to say they would want to pick me up. The offer definitely made my night.)

  3. Jess I would love to shuttle you straight to Ottawa so you could be there when I get back also on the 28th....but Nandos offer sounds better I suppose. Miss you love.

  4. just teasing, huh?? looks like someone wants to spend some extra time wandering in Terminal 3.... :P

    i guess all i need is a flight number, so lemme know.

    and Monique, sorry but i called shotgun, and if you really want me to go through the rules of "calling shotgun", i will.... :)

  5. Thats ok, I have complete respect for shotgun.... perhaps next time she takes off into the jungle, I will get to call it first :P

  6. Knowing you I probably will be spending some extra time wandering around the terminal, regardless. . .
    (Prove me wrong. Yes, that's a challenge.)

    The flight number is Air Canada flight 1130 from Vancouver. It gets in to Toronto at 7:00 pm.

    Mon- I'm coming to Ottawa in a couple of weeks. I think in about three weeks. . .Jo (the girl I was travelling with) is having a birthday so I have to come visit. That, and perhaps I have a little birthday gift for you.

  7. a challenge, huh? well, i do my best work under pressure, so the challenge is more than welcome.
    and when you're looking for me, i'll be the one that's ON TIME, and holding up a sign that says "NOT LATE"....

  8. FYI - I know you just got back and are probably busy and exhausted and have a ton of stuff to do. Just thought I'd let you know that I moved this weekend and the internet is down 'til the 6th. I'm not even sure the phone works yet. So on the off chance you try to contact me, you're best off trying my cell phone.


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