Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Weight Loss Plan 2006: Food in Vanuatu

Stranded in Lambubu for a week, our rations were running disturbingly low.

Despite constant re-assurances from our group leaders that we would get off the island somehow (one of those "somehows" at one point was to take a cargo ship* back to Port Vila, however, this hardly fell into the category of calming "reassurances," especially after my vomit-tastic trip to the Malekula). Each day when we packed to leave, thinking it was our last day, we'd later discover that we were staying for just one more day.

By the last day, all we had left to eat were yams.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Arriving in Lambubu Island Time Style

Our first true experience with island time happened the day we were set to leave. We woke up early (not that this was unusual since sleeping in past 7:30 a.m. was a novelty and probably only occurred twice in the entire 6 weeks I was in Vanuatu, which is partially a product of a society operating in accordance with the sun, not with technology) to pack and clean up the Scout Hall in preparation for our departure.

Our supplies and rations were divided according to our groups, and we were set to go. The Emua group left around noon in a van for the north of Efate Island, where they would be planning and executing a Youth Skills Summit. The Lalinda group (Ambrym Island- known for its volcanos) and my group (Malekula Island- known for its cannibalism) headed into town to get some last minute supplies before we boarded the boat that evening. We were eager, excited, and ready to leave the Scout Hall (or as I liked to call it, the "Scat Hole" which is what the name sounds like when you say it with an Australian accent). Knowing that we were on the brink of a life-changing adventure was wearing on our nerves, and to use my favourite phrase, we were ready for action.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Public Service Message

I'm back in Canada settling into my life here in Toronto.

I'll be updating the blog as soon as possible, starting with our first week in Port Vila, and will be updating it all the way up until the end of my trip through Australia. I'm just waiting to get a CD of photos from my travel partner Jo. So be sure to check back soon for updates!
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