Thursday, May 07, 2009

Croatia vs. Malta

For a while, we were considering heading to Malta. For those who are curious why we chose Croatia, here's a break-down of our costs (and anticipated costs) so far:

Round-trip ticket to London (incl. taxes): $621

Round-trip ticket to Croatia (flying into Pula, flying out of Zadar): $150 (before taxes, our Ryanair flight to Pula was only 3.99 pounds!)

Accommodation in London: Free! (Staying with Helka & Touko on the way there, and on our return.)

Accommodation in Croatia: 2 nights free (we have a hook-up), $80 on remaining 4 nights

So Croatia vs. Malta? The choice was clear. Even though we wanted to go to each location equally, it was cheaper to fly in to Croatia. (Now let's just see how we can cut corners on additional transportation, food and entertainment.)

The tenative itinerary thus far:

London (2 nights)
Pula (1 night)
Krk (2 nights)
Rab (2 nights)
Zadar (1 night)
London (1 night)

(Sadly, we won't make it to Dubrovnik, Hvar or Split.)

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