Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Perfect Beverage

While in Guyana, I couldn't help thinking about Coke. I never drink Coke in my everyday life (except sometimes with rye), but in Guyana, it was secondary only to coconut water. (I drank it every day like it was that day in Pula, where Jay and I were exhausted and wandering the streets in +40 heat and finally found the perfect place to sit down and drink Coke.)

But no matter how much I thought about it, I knew that I could never so perfectly capture it in words as Matt Reimer, a YCI alumnus, did on his blog:

"I need to say something about coke here because the way we drink it is straight out of a commercial. After a tough morning under the blistering hot sun you sit down in a little restaurant which is nothing but plastic tables under a straw thatch roof. . .When this bubbly, sweet, ice cold refreshment hits your mouth you can't help but make the "ahhhhhh" sound that we all know and hate from commercials.

After being here for a few weeks though I find myself wondering how us Canadians or the USers even drinks this stuff. . .in a place where you're never really hot enough to really be enticed by a cold beverage I just don't see why. . ."

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