Thursday, November 04, 2010

Every Day of My Life: Travels through the Interior of Guyana

"When I wake up in the morning,
And I lay my head to rest
Every day of my life I am blessed. . ."

It became our unofficial soundtrack. Our theme song. Everyday of my life, I am blessed.

The lyrics quickly got bastardized, as ab-libbed activities were added. ("I am schlepping, I am schlepping, every day of my life I am schlepping," the team would sing, hauling thousands of pounds in luggage heavy with pharmaceuticals up muddy riverside slopes.)

But in the morning, people would quietly sing those words to themselves or loudly as a group.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Living It Up

Yes, that would be me.

More on my adventures in Guyana to come shortly, once I've confirmed that I don't have scabies, Giardia or worms. (Yes, I know I've been obsessed with contracting a parasite for years. However, now that it's very much a possibility, I'll admit that I'm mildly horrified at the idea.)

In the meantime, please consider donating.
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