Monday, August 22, 2011

Let's Go Global!

I'm excited to announce that for the next six weeks, I'm working with Verge Magazine on their Go Global Expos in Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver

Why so excited? Well, there's a couple of reasons:

1) I first found out about Youth Challenge International at the Go Global fair way back in 2005 (this was prior to Verge running the show in its current incarnation). After returning home completely overwhelmed with pamphlets, information and opportunities, I realized that my first overseas volunteer experience was going to become a reality. It was an amazing feeling.

Friday, August 05, 2011

How to Travel for Cheap: 12 Steps to the Gypsy Life

One of the reasons I first started blogging (again) was because I was obsessed with I Keep A Diary's Brian Battjer's travels. But one of the things that baffled me the most, like other readers, was how he managed to maintain his lifestyle and travel all the time.
Hard at work in Guyana, October 2010
Fast forward seven years and I'm getting the same question. There have been endless books written on shoestring travel budgets, so I’m not going to try and steal Rick Steves' thunder. I've written about this before, but based on popular demand, here's how I manage to make all my trips possible:

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