Monday, September 05, 2011

Mapping it Out

The other day Court told me that she's excited to travel with me because she knows I'll plan everything. With only a month (!) left to go until our departure, here's an inside look into at just how thoroughly I plan my travels:

Excerpt from a Skype conversation with Sasha, who we'll be staying with in Geneva

Excerpt from an email to Tristan, who we'll be visiting in London:

Apart from booking accommodation and airfare, my approach to travel is laissez-faire, to say the least. (Case in point: At the age of 18, on my first trip through Europe, Helka and I travelled without a plan or any accommodation pre-booked. We didn't even have a guidebook. My, how the times have changed.) 

I will confess, though, that I just purchased a vanDam Street Smart map of London. The dry erase marker-friendly laminated maps are a purse-sized lifesaver when it comes to navigating transit systems in foreign cities.

Any recommendations for visiting London or Geneva? Be sure to leave them in the comments. (And I'll be sure to include them in my non-plans.)

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  1. You may find that from Tottenham Ct. subway pass that you can walk to most touristy places-Hyde park, the palace, whitehall, picadilly,westminster abbey, big ben, quite easily. St. pauls is a bit further and the climb to the top is a good exercise. The only thing is that once you get to some of these places you want to poke around. Soho is a good place to start shopping unless its gotten too trendy. A day trip to Windsor is good too. Anything else I can think of takes more time but try the train.


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