Friday, March 09, 2012

I'm attending TBEX '12!

I'm attending TBEX '12 in ColoradoToday, I took a giant leap of faith and purchased a ticket for TBEX '12 in Colorado.

I call it a leap of faith, because I'm well aware that my travel blog is nowhere near the caliber of 99 per cent of the attendees. (Heck, up until four months ago I didn't even know TBEX existed until I started researching upcoming events for a travel article that I was writing.)But hey, that could all change in a couple of months' time, right?

But instead of excitement, I can't help but feel the little flutters in the centre of my chest. The hesitations. The social anxieties that make me think a little too hard, a little too long. (Will I be accepted? Who will I talk to? Who will I eat with? Will I feel out of place? Will I feel left out?)

They're the same fears I've had every since I started freelance writing.

Will I ever be good enough?

But there's no time for fear--and useless fear at that. Instead, it's time to focus on the positives; the two key deciding factors:

1. If all else fails, the workshops and networking will be useful for my freelance writing business.

2. I can drive to Salt Lake City post-conference and fully geek out on the history of Mormonism in Utah.

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