Friday, April 06, 2012

Backpacking Beauty for Dummies (that means me).

I find it endlessly entertaining that my travel blog pops up in Google when people search for "backpacking makeup."

Granted, I was once an award-winning beauty queen (and by once, I mean for one night). But I've never been what we'll call the most "put-together" girl. In fact, when I go travelling, my face usually approximates something like this:

Um, if anyone knows Matthew Craig Cool (also known as MC Cool), can you ask him to get in touch with me? He was pretty much my favourite person that I've met at a hostel ever. 

No, seriously. Even when I'm not drunk on a train in Eastern Europe circa 2003, I have a difficult time pulling off any sort of sexy lady look when I'm backpacking.

I figure that most women aspire to look something like this when they depart for their very own Eurotrip:

I've seen these girls! I know they exist. 

I, however, am just not one of these girls:

Yup, I was this hot ALLLLL over Australia. (Strangely, the Brits seemed really into my brand of class.)
Since I'm clearly not the authoritative source on anything "travel beauty" related, I decided to ask some of my favourite female travel bloggers for their best backpacking beauty tips. 

Here's what they said:

Lindsay from The Traveller

What’s your beauty routine on the road? You're lucky if I even take a shower. (haha just kidding, kinda...). But in all seriousness it just depends on the place. I tend not to wear makeup often in really hot places but I will spice things up with some mascara and blush for a night on the town.

Favourite backpacking beauty product? I'm not gonna lie, I carry a hair straighter with me, I love it and could never travel without it. My hair has this awesome habit of turning into an afro in super hot places, I need to tame that beast quite often.

Candice from Candice Does the World

What’s your beauty routine on the road? I'm not super high maintenance, but I typically wear foundation, blush, eyeshadow and mascara on a regular basis. The whole ginger thing I've got goin' on makes me look super washed out if I'm not wearing any mascara, so I can't live without it. 

Favourite backpacking beauty product: Baby oil! I swear by it! It's a pain in the ass to carry around, but it keeps my skin moisturized after a shower AND it removes eye make-up. Double whammy.

Jeannie from Nomadic Chick

What your beauty routine on the road? Sunscreen (a must for old lady skin), tinted lip gloss, mascara and eyeliner (to wake tired eyes), Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets to replace powder, exfoliant face scrub, and I try to pick up the occasional face mask, which I never use to do before, but because of sun and environmental damage my skin craves it. 

Favourite backpacking beauty product: Hands down, LUSH shampoo bars. It replaces messy liquid shampoo and can double as a bar of soap if you're desperate. The other plus - LUSH has locations in several countries.

Steph from Twenty-Something Travel

What's your beauty routine on the road? When I'm on the road I really enjoy abandoning all of my usual vanities. I stop wearing make-up completely (unless I'm going somewhere special), and usually wear my hair pulled up in a plain ponytail. I really enjoy this low maintenance style that I never feel totally comfortable with at home. Sometimes I think I get a little too lazy, I've been putting off a haircut for months and months!

Favorite backpacking beauty product: Hair conditioner is a must! When you are traipsing around on the beach, climbing mountains and laying out in the sun your hair can get brutally damaged. I try to at least give it a good deep condition once in awhile.


  1. I'm with Steph. I would probably die without conditioner... for the odd occasion that I do shower haha.

  2. I've always been a steadfast believer that showering and swimming are exactly the same thing. (This idea was reinforced when I learned that the Bislama word for shower was "swim.")

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  4. wow! very nice your article post & pic. You are very very looking sexy girl. I like this post. this is called beauty of nature and it is very good to enjoy this beauty of nature and backpacking in this place is a beautiful experience. thank you so much.


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