Monday, January 27, 2014

7 Travel Resolutions for 2014

1. To do a better job of working while I travel. 

On drab grey afternoon last winter, I was sitting in my favourite Toronto coffee shop transcribing interviews when I had a sudden realization—I could be doing this anywhere.

The realization that my office could be relocated—obvious as it may have been—literally changed my life. A holdover from my former life as a nine-to-fiver, up until that point I had still viewed "travel" and "vacation" as synonymous. Within 24 hours, I booked tickets to Roatan. 

Since then, I’ve worked from Honduras (twice), Australia, New York, Montréal, Scotland, England, the Northwest Territories and Alberta. It hasn’t been without challenges—sometimes the Internet doesn’t work, sometimes it’s difficult to coordinate phone interviews across time zones, and sometimes poolside mojitos seem far more appealing than staring at my laptop. (Actually, make that always. Poolside mojitos are always more appealing than work.)

This year, I need to learn how to carve out adequate work time as well as ensure that I don't take on too much work while I'm away. (That one time that I filed six stories in four days from Honduras? Considerably less than fun you would assume.)

Friday, January 24, 2014

"What Do You Find So Appealing About Travel?"

In a local's backyard in Terezin, Czech Republic, May 2003.

I know it has been over a decade since we have had a proper conversation, and that many things have changed since those days; but I come to you seeking a bit of advice/enlightenment. 

What I want to know is what is it that you get out of travelling all over the place? 

I, as a sailor with a good bit of time in, have often taken a cynical view of travel such as is the nature of my occupation, but things are changing and I'm starting to become more and more curious about travelling places and seeing things. Thus I have become curious of some of my travelling friends: What do you find so appealing about travel? 



Sunday, January 19, 2014

Safety as a Solo Woman Traveller

Copan, Honduras, October 2013.

It sounds like by travelling you've had the best of both worlds: a life filled with adventure and a familiar place to go back to. I checked out Verge and your article on the value of volunteers to NGOs abroad: the interview questions were engaging and the article was an interesting read. I've thought of volunteering myself and had many of these questions, too.

I'm going to go on my first trip abroad since high school: I'll be traveling to Sri Lanka for six weeks in February and March. I'm excited. I'm terrified. I'm likely under-prepared. I think often of how wonderful it would be if we saw each other regularly still and all the questions I'd have for you, my travel-savvy friend. 

Since I'm a first time (read: solo, female) traveller (read also: to Asia), I'm anxious about so many things, some rational and some totally irrational. Would you be interested in counseling me on a few lingering, somewhat abstract questions? I would be so grateful. 


Thursday, January 09, 2014

Best Places to Visit on 124th Street, Edmonton

Jacob tries to decide which pastry to tackle first at the Duchess Bake Shop.
Earlier this year, I wrote my second Edmonton "Hot Hood" for Chatelaine, this time focusing on all my favourite places in the 124th Street neighbourhood.

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