Saturday, March 08, 2014

Tips for Bringing Your Dog to the Cottage

When I brought my Boston Terrier, Brockton, to the cottage for the first time, I was shocked when my house-trained pup had an accident inside. It was only the start of many problems that would follow throughout the weekend—Brock developed a rash from rolling in wet sand, he ran away during a fireworks show and at one point, he nearly drowned.

Stories like this don’t come as any surprise to professional dog trainer Caryn Charlie Liles. “In cottage country we have different health concerns than in the city,” explains Liles, a trainer at Whatta Pup. “There’s toxic plants, ticks that carry lyme disease, wild animals—you name it. Without careful planning and supervision the trip to the cottage could be a minefield. Preparation and awareness is key in order to make it a wonderful week for everyone.”

Here are some ways that you can ease a dog’s first trip to the cottage—regardless of whether it’s a new puppy or an old rescue that’s out of the city for the first time. 

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