Friday, November 21, 2014

Take the "Gap" Out of "Gap Year"

When Monica Arora decided to pursue her MBA, she wasn’t willing to settle for becoming just another business graduate.

“I felt like I needed to differentiate myself,” she says. Having spent a semester in Norway during her undergrad, Arora already knew the transformative power that studying abroad could have. That’s why she chose to enroll in Schulich School of Business’s International MBA program, where she completed a mandatory work term in India and a semester in Thailand.

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work internationally, but I knew that an IMBA would teach me how to thrive, be more open-minded and work with a diverse group of stakeholders,” Arora explains. Her decision paid off—after graduating, she was hired by Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. “One of the major reasons they hired me was because I had international experience,” she says.

Arora, like many students, is part of a cohort that is realizing that time spent overseas is no longer a chronological gap on a resume—it’s value-added experience for students and prospective employers alike.

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